Our expertise and assistance goes beyond the brick and mortar. We leverage our connections to offer a menu of services that’s guaranteed unique. Call us at (402) 915-4002 to see how our specially tailored offerings can work for you. 


Omaha Guest Concierge Program

Same-day delivery service for hotel guests, corporate employees, and residents within a five-mile radius of the Old Market that need an item delivered right to their door. The solution to last-minute needs or bad weather obstacles.


Group Sales

Lends a cohesive or complimentary styling for important events that meet a set budget amount. We help small- to medium-sized groups source the right item for their event, including suits, dress shirts, bowties, and more.


Wardrobe Consultations

A range of options, from closet cleaning, to restructuring your current wardrobe, to building one-off outfits for special occasions. The key here is our strategic recommendations based on your goals and interests, and our ability to offer pricing below retail. Please get in touch to learn more and to get a quote that fits your needs and budget.


Corporate Branding & Gifts

The best way for companies to have their logos included on higher quality garments and gifts to stand out from their competition while still taking advantage of volume pricing.


“McLovin is the men’s store I’ve been waiting for since moving to Omaha 15 years ago. McLovin’s stylists take the fear out of shopping for clothes, increase my style, and lessen costly mistakes.”

– Matt, Omaha, NE