Ultimate Guide: Summer Weekend Wear

     Here we are at McLovin to help kick start your summer wardrobe, that is, if it’s something you’ve been procrastinating... still? Time to get on board, guys! Summer is here and if you’re doing anything on the weekends you’ll probably want to do it in style. I promise that the eight items below will be the foundation for your weekend style this year’s summer and next. 1 pair of shorts, 1 pair of blue jeans, 1 pair of off-white jeans, and 1 pair of greypants. And for the top: 1 plain white t-shirt, 1 teal-green raglan sleeve tee, 1 navy and white striped pullover, and 1 colored splashed navy tee.

     It’s important that you have some basic pieces that are neither boring nor ill-fitting, and we're ready to equip you. 4 tops and 4 bottoms that fit handsomely and will all match great with each other; you have 16 polished and comfortable new outfits for every weekend day this summer. Most of these looks will even roll over into the fall with you, that’s smart styling.

First up is the white v-neck (Bread and Boxers, $28). Fits perfectly true to size; size down one for a slim and sexy athletic fit. Hands down the most comfy t-shirt I’ve ever worn; mostly made from organic cotton with just a touch of elastane to give you a crazy soft and moveable tee. Wear it snug with the sleeves cuffed and the Mavi blue jeans, James Dean would, it’s classic. Throw on this tee and the Descendant of Thieves grey pants (like we did) for a more contemporary look; the grey trouser with a jogger silhouette brings a fresh, ultra-cool relaxed look. This shirt above the off-white Mavi jeans is definitely a combination you have to try this summer! The creamy colored jeans with the sharp white shirt is a clean ensemble for a tidy man (just take small bites at lunch and watch were you sit yourself). Trust me, you won’t find easier fashion forward accoutrements out there.

Grey pant (Run&Gun slim straight fit by Descendant of Thieves, $119), these are a weightless mix of nylon and spandex (97%, 3%). Feels like wearing no pants at all, c’mon guys, do you really love wearing pants? Or would you rather not? These pants will be your new go to if you need something stylish to throw on when you really feel like hanging out on the couch in your shorts. Waistband tabs allow 2 sizes of wiggle room. Shirt-lock button holes in the fly of the pant so your shirt tuck stays that way if and when you dress these pants up. 9 pockets, including the brand’s signature “Don’t tell Mom” hidden pocket inside the pant. Modern fit with quiet details, a trouser with the silhouette and comfortability of joggers. What’s more? These are limited edition (1 of 115); be unique, always.

The green raglan (Descendant of Thieves, $49): as they do, the brand created 220 of this limited edition top, we know you’re unique enough to have one of them, but are you fast enough to get yours before they sell out? Fabricated of 60% tencel the color of this shirt will always be as bright as the day you purchase it. If you’re not familiar with tencel, the fiber is a form of rayon developed from dissolving bleached wood pulp that is jet spun. The shirt appears to be thick and weighted, however tencel is naturally breathable as well as twice as absorbent as plain cotton; this tee is also spun with rayon and few threads of spandex. My favorite combination here is with the off-white Mavi’s. There’s something about the brightness of the pant that makes the teal top all the more vibrant; it really feels like a summer afternoon.

Don’t let white pants scare you. I’ve found that wearing white makes me more aware of some messy habits, besides, these are casually off-white anyway (Jake by Mavi, slim leg, $98). You guessed it: crazy-soft and moveable Turkish cotton with a few threads of elastane—thank you Mavi! Go chic and be instantly ahead of any trend by matching these slightly distressed jeans with the white v-neck tee; current trends have this color pant with dark or colored tops… go beyond if you’re feeling bold.

Next we have the navy and white striped pullover (Theory, $225). Must, must, must for a night out this summer. I know, it’s technically a sweater… but trust that it is light enough being a viscose-poly blend that the white stripes are nearly see-through. Go beach ready with this nautical style jumper and the tan Mavi shorts and a good-looking boat shoe. Navy always pairs classically with grey.

Styled here with tan twill shorts (Jacob by Mavi, $78); these are and will be a summer staple for years to come. Turkish cotton and elastane, Mavi gives you a forgiving, comfortable, yet sturdy pair of shorts that work with everything already in your wardrobe.

The galaxy inspired design on this shirt is perfect for a toasty summer night (French Connection, $48). 100% pure cotton, stylish, comfy, and breathable. A cool shirt that’s fun to wear any day with jeans and some sneakers.

The light wash blue jeans are thinner and less weighty than a traditional pair of denim jeans; your legs will be thanking you as the days heat up and get longer. The perfect summer jeans (Zach by Mavi, $98, straight leg). True to the brand, Mavi made these jeans with Turkish cotton and a small percentage (2.5%) of elastane. These are a staple denim, classic wash, with simple pocket stitching detail.

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Summer Thievery

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3 Reasons You Should Wear the Reversible (Party) Short

Designed by Dres Ladro

Dres Ladro is nobody’s fool. The ever incog mastermind behind the Descendant of Thieves brand has created our favorite summer piece: the “Walk of Shame/Fame Short.” These shorts are edgy enough to make people look below your belt and drool (because they are irresistibly stylish, of course). Still, they’re tame enough for you to wear at that work BBQ this summer without any of your stuffy coworkers knowing what’s hiding on the other side of your shorts. Show it off or reign it in. Discretion is yours if you choose to exercise that power.

Reason #1... Versatility

To be drawn to this short means you are a changeable and temperamental creature; not unlike the alpha of a wolf pack. You are an unbridled leader with fire on the inside that intrigues others (it’s your confidence they sense). And when your wild side is out the rest of the pack will either steer clear—there’s no competing with you—or do their best to impress such a courageous leader. If you’re in-between moods…that’s what cuffing is for.

Reason #2... Two-for-One

Double the pleasure with 2 shorts…obviously. You’re investing in two pairs of shorts for the price of one. Both your dressing arsenal and bank account will thank you.

Reason #3... The B-Plan

Out for a meal and savage takes over? Grr! Whoops! We’re all guilty of being clumsy gluttons. Excuse yourself to the restroom to flip your bottoms inside out before anyone sees whatever morsel fell onto your lap (STYLE TIP: wipe away any carnage prior to reversing).
There is a reason D.O.T. labeled these the “Walk of Shame/Fame Short.” We’ve all stayed out past our bedtime and unexpectedly spent the night on a buddy’s couch. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to land in a bed that doesn’t belong to…for that, these shorts salute you! And they won’t judge your need to wear them the next morning…only your shirt would do that.

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"Don't tell Mom"

A discrete novelty pocket inside your shirt, for trifles that might need extra safekeeping (just don't forget to check it before you run it through the wash).

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Little Dog Promotes Big Smiles

Your life is a series of experiences. Of course, everyone’s experiences are different, even when they go through something similar. At McLovin – a store for men, we recognize this. But despite the different experiences people have in our store, we hope everyone feels the common thread of authenticity.

 Ultimately, retail isn’t about what you’re adding to your wardrobe. It is about how shopping for that piece makes you feel. A lot of people might chalk up how they feel about their purchases to where they’re shopping – an airport terminal, a standalone store or a certain area of town for example. However, it isn’t just our Old Market location that gives us that little something extra. It’s also Pip, our resident dog and the Director of Marketing at McLovin – a store for men.

Image by phreshimages.com

Fun For Everyone

Pip is a staple in our store. In fact, his presence is so vital we gave him a title. Offering customers a unique shopping experience alongside a dog is the first step toward giving you the best shopping experience available in Omaha. Pip can be easy to miss. Often downstairs, manning the office, he’ll occasionally poke his nose through the railing, beckoning you with his come hither eyes. Guests can’t help but pet him, snuggle him and occasionally ask his opinion on wardrobe items. Pip may even hop into your lap for some licks, loving on you as though you’re the first person to ever give him attention.

 Of course, Pip isn’t just great with guests. He’s also excellent with the children of guests, running laps with them around the displays, keeping little ones distracted while you relax and enjoy discovering new wardrobe pieces. 

Pip is a hot commodity and local celebrity. People come to the store just to visit him!
— Emma, Team Member

The people shopping with us aren’t the only priority at Mclovin – a store for men. It’s everyone in the party. While your group searches for their next look, Pip can keep you distracted with his playful nature and overall enthusiasm regarding your presence - because he is sure glad you came. Our mission is to make sure that everyone that walks through our doors enjoys their experience enough to return, whether it’s to say hello or to expand their wardrobe.

Connecting New Friends

One of the best things about Pip’s presence is that it forges unique bonds with our guests. Pulling out their phones, customers aren’t afraid to show off their own pets and share the story of what makes their dog unique. Thrilled to hear their anecdotes, we always encourage guests to bring their dog the next time they visit our store. After all, your dog is part of your life – family, even. And family should be allowed to participate in your day-to-day activities, shopping experience included. Pip is evidence of that.

 We believe that the love of a dog is the glue that binds our store together. More popular than us, guests often ask if Pip is working during their visit. At McLovin – a store for men, we recognize that giving our customers a reason to smile is more important than selling them clothes. That’s because we don’t want to be your one time stop – we want McLovin – a store for men to be where you come for business or for pleasure. Whether you need a new outfit or just a lick on the face (from Pip, of course) we encourage you to step through our doors and experience our store for yourself.

Wearing Our Feelings

Can’t get enough of Pip? Want to feel that something extra you get when you give Pip a rub of the ears or a quick smile? Purchase our limited edition Pip t-shirt, available now in a variety of colors here or in our brick and mortar store at 1012 Howard Street in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market.

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