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3 Reasons You Should Wear the Reversible (Party) Short

Designed by Dres Ladro

Dres Ladro is nobody’s fool. The ever incog mastermind behind the Descendant of Thieves brand has created our favorite summer piece: the “Walk of Shame/Fame Short.” These shorts are edgy enough to make people look below your belt and drool (because they are irresistibly stylish, of course). Still, they’re tame enough for you to wear at that work BBQ this summer without any of your stuffy coworkers knowing what’s hiding on the other side of your shorts. Show it off or reign it in. Discretion is yours if you choose to exercise that power.

Reason #1... Versatility

To be drawn to this short means you are a changeable and temperamental creature; not unlike the alpha of a wolf pack. You are an unbridled leader with fire on the inside that intrigues others (it’s your confidence they sense). And when your wild side is out the rest of the pack will either steer clear—there’s no competing with you—or do their best to impress such a courageous leader. If you’re in-between moods…that’s what cuffing is for.

Reason #2... Two-for-One

Double the pleasure with 2 shorts…obviously. You’re investing in two pairs of shorts for the price of one. Both your dressing arsenal and bank account will thank you.

Reason #3... The B-Plan

Out for a meal and savage takes over? Grr! Whoops! We’re all guilty of being clumsy gluttons. Excuse yourself to the restroom to flip your bottoms inside out before anyone sees whatever morsel fell onto your lap (STYLE TIP: wipe away any carnage prior to reversing).
There is a reason D.O.T. labeled these the “Walk of Shame/Fame Short.” We’ve all stayed out past our bedtime and unexpectedly spent the night on a buddy’s couch. Maybe you’ve even been lucky enough to land in a bed that doesn’t belong to…for that, these shorts salute you! And they won’t judge your need to wear them the next morning…only your shirt would do that.

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