Little Dog Promotes Big Smiles

Your life is a series of experiences. Of course, everyone’s experiences are different, even when they go through something similar. At McLovin – a store for men, we recognize this. But despite the different experiences people have in our store, we hope everyone feels the common thread of authenticity.

 Ultimately, retail isn’t about what you’re adding to your wardrobe. It is about how shopping for that piece makes you feel. A lot of people might chalk up how they feel about their purchases to where they’re shopping – an airport terminal, a standalone store or a certain area of town for example. However, it isn’t just our Old Market location that gives us that little something extra. It’s also Pip, our resident dog and the Director of Marketing at McLovin – a store for men.

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Fun For Everyone

Pip is a staple in our store. In fact, his presence is so vital we gave him a title. Offering customers a unique shopping experience alongside a dog is the first step toward giving you the best shopping experience available in Omaha. Pip can be easy to miss. Often downstairs, manning the office, he’ll occasionally poke his nose through the railing, beckoning you with his come hither eyes. Guests can’t help but pet him, snuggle him and occasionally ask his opinion on wardrobe items. Pip may even hop into your lap for some licks, loving on you as though you’re the first person to ever give him attention.

 Of course, Pip isn’t just great with guests. He’s also excellent with the children of guests, running laps with them around the displays, keeping little ones distracted while you relax and enjoy discovering new wardrobe pieces. 

Pip is a hot commodity and local celebrity. People come to the store just to visit him!
— Emma, Team Member

The people shopping with us aren’t the only priority at Mclovin – a store for men. It’s everyone in the party. While your group searches for their next look, Pip can keep you distracted with his playful nature and overall enthusiasm regarding your presence - because he is sure glad you came. Our mission is to make sure that everyone that walks through our doors enjoys their experience enough to return, whether it’s to say hello or to expand their wardrobe.

Connecting New Friends

One of the best things about Pip’s presence is that it forges unique bonds with our guests. Pulling out their phones, customers aren’t afraid to show off their own pets and share the story of what makes their dog unique. Thrilled to hear their anecdotes, we always encourage guests to bring their dog the next time they visit our store. After all, your dog is part of your life – family, even. And family should be allowed to participate in your day-to-day activities, shopping experience included. Pip is evidence of that.

 We believe that the love of a dog is the glue that binds our store together. More popular than us, guests often ask if Pip is working during their visit. At McLovin – a store for men, we recognize that giving our customers a reason to smile is more important than selling them clothes. That’s because we don’t want to be your one time stop – we want McLovin – a store for men to be where you come for business or for pleasure. Whether you need a new outfit or just a lick on the face (from Pip, of course) we encourage you to step through our doors and experience our store for yourself.

Wearing Our Feelings

Can’t get enough of Pip? Want to feel that something extra you get when you give Pip a rub of the ears or a quick smile? Purchase our limited edition Pip t-shirt, available now in a variety of colors here or in our brick and mortar store at 1012 Howard Street in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market.

Posted on August 10, 2015 .